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Joined: 11th Sep 2012
Rank: Knight Commander
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22nd Sep 2012

Some of the rules for the guild I got so far are:

1. Equal power between all Officers ranks.
2. Equal power between all Sacred Knights ranks
3. Equal respect between all members.
4. Help the needed when is possible.
5. Do not complain if we dont have any active members if you have not done anything to solve the issue
6. Who ever you recruit automatically becomes your apprentice untill he becomes a knight. His master is responsible of introducing the new squire to all knights, and to be teach in the ways of the knights.
7. All members are responsible for his actions. Making enemies and bad reputation for the Guild will result in disciplinary action even the expulsation out of the Guild.
8. All members are responsible to report to at least one higher rank if inactivity is going to occur for more than 3 weeks. You are also responsible to reply when Guild Clean Up is taking place.
9. No one should be left behind. If you see a member who has been doing farming by himself is your resposability and your job to get together with him/her unless the lone warrior disaprove. This rules applies expeciallly for Knights.
10. No massive recruiting unless is nessesarily needed. All new squires should be worthy warriors and worthy to be called a Knight in the future.
11. You are responsible of creating a friendship bond with your members.
12. Knights are limited to have no more than 3 apprentices or squires under command.

What are your thoughts?

Last Edit: 22nd Sep 2012 by John Salvus
Joined: 14th Sep 2012
Rank: Knight Officer
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22nd Sep 2012

I approve this message. I'll continue to give some thought around any other rules but I like the knight/squire mentoring system in particular. Have you seen this used in other guilds? I think it is a great way to build relationships and show that our guild is all about helping the group...but also each member individually.
Joined: 11th Sep 2012
Rank: Knight Commander
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22nd Sep 2012

Actually that was the system I had with Dynasty Warriors Online in my guild. Worked perfectly. It also takes time for members to get used to it, but it fits the purpose. I'm trying to make this guild as unique as possible, and having a system like this also keep our members active.

Forum » News » Rules
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