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Guild Ranking System
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Joined: 11th Sep 2012
Rank: Knight Commander
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22nd Sep 2012

Things to be discussed here:
- Ranking names
- Ranking forum pictures
- Ranking requirements for each rank
- Rank duties

Joined: 11th Sep 2012
Rank: Knight Commander
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22nd Sep 2012

This is an idea of what I think would be good for the ranking system

-Squire = Basic rank for new members.
1. Learn the ways of the Guild.
2. Develop as a member.
3. Learn the basics of the game.

-Knight = The one who has been chosen to become a Knight because of his attributes and participation in the guild
Requirement: Must pass a test then request permission to be considered by Knight.
1. Train the way of the knights.
2. Gain trust from the members.
3. Help other squires, and teach them how to become a Knight.
4. Get used to the guild activities, active hour, and knights role.

Sacred Knight = The elites of the guild.
Requirement: Partied enough with guild members, participated on the website, have a good standing from helping members in need. He/she should be worthy of being called a Sacred Knight
1. Manage groups and parties.
2. Make important decisions.
3. Train and teach others the way of The Sacred Knight.
4. Fight and battle for the good of the guild.

Knight Officer and Knight Commander= Founder and officers of the guild.
Requirement: n/a its chosen by the Knight Commander him self
1. Manage guild.
2. Manage events
3. Create laws and rules.
4. Attend the need of every member
5. Manage the website

Also some other ideas for extra ranks, or most likely titles:

Champion= He/she who its an elite among the others in PvE, dungeons, and exploration.
1. Train others in PvE, dungeons, and exploration.

Conqueror= He/she who is an elite in WvW
1. Train others in the way of capture and defense in WvW.

Warlord= He/she who is an elite in PvP
1. Train others in PvP

God of War= He/she who hold the title of Champion, Conqueror and Warlord AT THE SAME TIME.
1. Train others the tactic and technique of battles.

Mr/Ms Popularity= He/she who its known all over Tyria
1. Train others the way of friendship and proper manner.

This titles can only be hold by one person at the time.

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