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14th Oct 2012

This will be implemented starting Monday of next week after the members choose their team.
The purpose of this is to allow a better management of the members, and to have the members to participate more actively in the game style of their choosing.
Choosing a team does not mean that you will not be able to participate and party up with the other team. This will only indicate your type of specialization so other members can identify you as, and know who to ask for help and party up with depending of the need.

-Exploration team: They specialize in map exploration, world events, karma events, and other pve (player vs enverioment) areas. The rank given to them will be as a White Knight, because they spend a lot of time in the light of the day and outdoors. They have to wear white as their main color or accents in their armor.

-Dungeon Team: They specialize in the dungeon running including story modes and exploration mode. They will also have the knowledge necessary to determine the need of the party group, and the different tactics necessary to determine the outcome and completion of the dungeons. They will be assigned the rank of Black Knight because they spend most of their time in the darkness of the dungeons. Require a black main color or accent in the accessories or armor.

-War team: They specialize in PvP (player vs player) and WvW (World vs World). They have the knowledge necessary to know the outcome of battles against other players. They know how to use the siege weapons and where to deploy them to take advantage of the situation. Know the advantages and disadvantages of every class. They will be assigned the rank of Red Knight, because they spend most of the time covered in the blood of their enemies, and their own spilled blood.

Forum » News » Information
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