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Guild Emblem
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Joined: 11th Sep 2012
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22nd Sep 2012

Things to be discussed here:
- Guild Emblem

Joined: 11th Sep 2012
Rank: Knight Commander
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22nd Sep 2012

Currently the emblem has our 3 main colors Blue, Black and Gold with an unicorn as a symbol. for me it symbolizes purity, rareness, and virtuous.
Do you have any idea of another symbol to represent our guild? If so what and why?

Joined: 28th Oct 2012
Rank: Knight Officer
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28th Oct 2012

I like the colors of blue, black and gold individually. However the combination of black and blue has a connotation of... well, being beaten. Unless is was a lighter shade of blue. Nontraditionally, if we had the option, I think a spider somewhere in the emblem would be awesome. Most people recognize spiders as representations of fear, nastiness, or darkness. I however see spiders as quick, efficient, delicate hunters. If we has another creature that represented more of the brute force of combat, I think the dichotomy would be pretty neat.

But if we're just functioning with the limited Guild Wars 2 emblem maker, then I think what you have is awesome.
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Forum » Meeting Room » Decision Making
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