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Joined: 11th Sep 2012
Rank: Knight Commander
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5th Oct 2012

Our previous Champion has unfortunately leaved our guild because of personal reasons. As I was searching our roster for another worthy champion, I believe I had found the correct champion among us.
The title of Champion is only given to one person at the time who has proven to be an elite among the others including but not limited to highest lv achieved, activeness, loyalty, and leadership. More information under the topic of guild ranks.

I John as the current Knight Commander of The Sacred Knights it is a privilege and a great honor to present Knight Yikko with the title of Champion in appreciation of the loyalty provided to The Sacred knights after reaching lv. 80 and staying with us even though no one else is at his/her level. He/she has shown great interest in the guild since he/she asked to be part of The Sacred Knights at lv. 60 regardless of everyone else being way behind him/her. It is a great act of patience reaching lv 80 and waiting for us to catch up. He/she has also shown great activeness throughout his/her recruitment day. I believe he/she will develop as a great leader with time.
Yikko would you accept this great honor? All I ask of you is to pass your knowledge and passion to our other members.

Forum » The Castle » Ceremonial Room
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