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Weekend Event
29th Oct 2012 · Kngt John Salvus · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

This next weekend is going to be an important one, please do not miss the chance to participate!

Breaking the Ice -- Is about time that we get to know each other! Lets take advantage of this opportunity to form bonds of friendship between each other. A guild of Friends is the most active, prosper, and powerful among all the others. We will be breaking the ice every 4 hours starting at 8:00am (-6gmt/central time) until the end of the day.
Once you hear in guild chat: BREAKING THE ICE! just write a small introduction about yourself. After all the participants posted their introductions you are allowed to ask questions to anyone participating. After the questions you are allowed to talk about anything until the chat dies and comes the next round of breaking the ice.

Guild Meeting -- The guild meeting will be hosted every 4 hours starting at 8:00am (-6gmt/central time). We will be covering: Status of the guild and members, Status of the guild officers, appropriate guild HQ, recommendations and suggestions, guild features, and more. You are allowed to participate more than once if you wish. Any rank is also allowed to participate. Since we dont have a guild HQ established yet, the guild meeting will be taking place in the guild chat.

23rd Oct 2012 · Kngt John Salvus · 1 Comments · Likes · Like

Post your guild picture or toon picture on the Gallery for a chance to win 50s by the end of the event day !!!

Next weekend
14th Oct 2012 · Kngt John Salvus · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

I want to thank you all for participating in our successful dungeon party event! We had lots of fun while we learned many of the tactics necessary to complete some of them in the future.
Unfortunately not even a single person participated in our HQ hunting, which was a very easy way of getting some money. Definitively need to push the participation of our members in our website.

From now on, once you register into the website for every post or reply in the forums you will get 10s!!!

Next weekend:
Exploration Party
Members will be able to choose to which team they want to join. The teams will be separated in Exploration team, Dungeon team, and War team (WvW & PvP). More detail about the teams in the forums

New Voice Server
12th Oct 2012 · Kngt John Salvus · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

Come visit our new voice server!!

This will not only give us an advantage in battle, but it will also help us build bonds of friendship between each other. This is what being a Knight is all about. Come do not be shy!

- Download GSC at: http://www.getgsc.com/gsc/downloads/ This will only take minimal space and processor out of your PC. That way you wont lag in-game.
- Create an account, preferably with your in-game name to be able to identify you.
- Look for the server named: The Sacred Knights under Guild Wars or add johnpain into your friend list and you will get an invitation into the server or simply click here after download ---> gsc://join: <--- If you are using google chrome browser, copy and paste and make sure to select the green text link, if not it will put it as search for google since it does not start with www. or ends at .com
-Password: united
-Remember to add the server to your favorites for easy access

For Next Weekend
7th Oct 2012 · Kngt John Salvus · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

Thank you everyone for participating in our WvW weekend party. We learned a lot, and we had lots of fun. It was a great experience partying with many of you.

For next weekend we going to be doing some Dungeon Party. Lets try to do as many as we can!

Also don't miss the chance for our first Guild Competition. Winner will be getting 50s!! Information located under Pub in the Forums

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